Welcome to the official Sky Pirates website!

Sky Pirates {arr} is a clan of players for the game Altitude. We are a small 'casual pro' clan concentrating purely on the ball game mode.

'Casual pro' in our case means that we take the game seriously and try to be as good in it as we can (thus pro), but our training times and amounts vary a lot depending our real lives (thus casual).

Sky Pirates was formed by two enthusiastic brothers, {arr}Gemi and {arr}D4rt, when they started playing the game in late 2009. The clan has kept quiet for a couple of months while both have been training their flying, killing and scoring skills, but now the clan is finally ready to announce its existence and start recruiting more 'casual pro' ball players with the aim of building a functioning and well trained team to challenge the other ball clans.

If you are interested in the clan, its members or recruitment please head out to the members page.





{arr} ball tournament

Gemi has revealed his plans to hold a high quality ball tournament in the close future. All established ball clans should stay tuned for more information.



Victory! Yarr!

Sky Pirates has ensured their victory over all other clans in SkyLeague and is now officially the best ball clan!
That being said others are very close to us and especially tV0 offers a very even competition. We are looking forward to future games.



Long time no news

Appologies for such a long interval between news. It's been a busy time for the web admin (Gemi) so the website has been lacking updates.
SkyLeague has gone well and we are currently one match away from league victory. Our latch match is against tV0 and the winner of that match wins the entire league.
We also have a new website under construction. Thanks to Wolfey for his work on it.



Status update

The clan has taken it a bit slowly the past two weeks, training their skills, leveling up ACE ranks and spending time with irl things.
The SkyLeague is closing in (starts at 3rd April) and thus clan activities will start again this week. All members plese see our forums and let us know of your availability in the SkyLeague.



Matches against {aV0} and {ball*}

This evening we had an unscehduled match against {aV0} and a scheduled match against {ball*}.
The first match went surprisingly easily with {aV0} losing all maps. There is a new scheduled match tomorrow.
The second match started quite badly with a lose streak of 3 maps against {ball*}. After that we got our team working and ended up tied 3-3 in map wins.



Fake members

As usual when people start to recognize you the fake members jump in. We have now banned the first faker and will continue to do so.
Please let us know if you see any other players trying to fake being our member. Only those players listed on our site are real members.
For a full list of bans please see our server page.



Second training against {ball}

We played our second training game against {ball} and did quite well.
First 4 maps were played 6v6 and map wins were tied 2-2. The last map was played 5v5 and we lost.
See the gallery for participants and round results.



Recruitment opened

We have had a lot of interested players asking for a possibility to join {arr} after recruitment was closed a few days ago.

We have now decided to open a recruitment clan, Arr friends {arf}. {arf} is meant for those who are eager to join us and acts as a training and recruitment clan from now on. Members of {arf} can participate in training and some matches with {arr} members and will be asked to join {arr} if they prove their skills and attitude. All {arf} members are regularly told what their status is so that they know how close to getting into {arr} they might be and what they need to improve.



Forums opened

Private forums for our members have been opened. Please visit http://z7.invisionfree.com/arr/ and register.
After registering let Gemi know and he will approve your account.



Recruitment closed

We are now at 9 members and have closed recruitment. If we have given you an invitation earlier then it is still open.
Exceptionally skilled players, especially Explodet flying ones, might still be considered.



{arr} server player limit dropped

To make playing less chaotic and more tactical the player limit on our servers has beem dropped from 14 to 12.



New {arr} server added

Due to rising popularity an additional server was added. The new server is an exact copy of server #1.
We have also recruited one more player bringing us up to a total of 8.



Second training match

Sky Pirates had its second training match today against {ball} and {ball*}. The match was played 5vs5.
We lost all matches, but got very close (6-5) on two of them. Looks very promising as we have had no team training so far.
We have also recruited more players and are now at a total of 7. We are still looking for 2-3 skilled pilots.



{arr} servers updated again, private server password available

The walls on servers #1 and #3 were reversed. The popularity for the #1 server had dropped after hard walls were added.
The password for the private server is now available on the server details page. Feel free to use the server if it is not in use.



{arr} servers updated and private server added

The main {arr} server now has hard walls and other minor changes were also done to the server configurations.
A password protected private server for member training and clan vs. clan matches was added.



Recruitment progressing and first training match

Sky Pirates has been recruiting and now has a total of 5 players. We are still looking for a few more members.
Sky Pirates had its first training match against {ICE} today. The match was played 4vs4 and Sky Pirates was able to win quite easily.
A rematch with larger teams and more seasoned {ICE} players is pending.



Sky Pirates website launched and recruitment open

The Sky Pirates website has been launched, but is still under construction. Clan recruitment is now open.



{arr} servers updated

Some official Altitude ball maps were updated and a new ball map was added. These changes are now available on the {arr} servers.


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