Game namePrice paidRatingComments
4 Elements2,49 A good campaign driven game for fans of the genre.
Adventures of Shuggy2,49 Fun platform puzzling with different gimmicks in different levels. Short co-op mode.
Alien Swarm0,00 Great fun with friends. Probably has lots of player made content now.
Alien Zombie Megadeath2,49 Fun challenge oriented gameplay. Really challenging to get all medals.
Altitude7,25 Awesome competitive gameplay.
Anomaly: Warzone Earth3,33 Finally a tower offense game and a good one at that. Good gameplay, nice visuals.
AudioSurf9,99 Clunky UI. Gameplay just wasn't fun enough for me.
Batman: Arkham Asylum24,99 Deserved it's GOTY badge.
Beat Hazard1,13 Hours of fun playing through your song library. Good competitive gameplay, nice visuals.
Bejeweled 34,99 The emperor of 'match 3' games. Diverse game modes, not just the basic stuff.
Bob Came in Pieces2,00 Fun gameplay, lots to do.
Booster Trooper4,49 Multiplayer game with no community. Also not very good in its genre.
Castle Crashers3,99  
Cogs1,99 A great puzzle game. Really challenging in the later levels.
Containment: The Zombie Puzzler2,50 Gameplay ok. Visuals and usability not so good. Repetitive.
Death Rally0,00  
Defense Grid: The Awakening8,99 My favourite tower defense. Great gameplay, visuals and story. Huge amounts of challenge modes and levels to work on.
Delve Deeper1,12  
Demolition, Inc.2,49  
DLC Quest1,25  
Dishonored3,31 Fun game though I haven't found the motivation to finish it.
Doom 3 BFG Edition3,30 Dooms 1-3 in one package. Fun times ahead.
Duke Nukem Forever9,90 Mindless action, works for me.
Dungeon Defenders2,19 Fun co-op action. Turned into DLC feast.
Dungeons of Dredmor0,20 Clunky UI and unpolished visuals, but still great fun to be had.
Dynamite Jack3,99 On the short side, but a really fun experience.
Faerie Solitaire0,00 Great fun if you like card games.
Flight Control HD1,99 Fun, but only in short sessions.
Fortix3,59 For some reason this game just feels really good with all it's rough edges.
Fortix 2?A more polished sequel, but the charm for me was lost somewhere.
FTL: Faster Than Light4,99 Fun gameplay, lots of replayability.
Gyromancer2,03 Gameplay is fun and sound track is great. UI could be better.
Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved2,25 Genre classic. You can sink hours into this easily.
Go Home Dinosaurs!2,50 Fun though a bit simple. Cartoon looks. Nice to play through once.
HOARD2,99 Fun both alone and with friends.
iBomber Attack1,35  
iBomber Defense0,87  
iBomber Defense Pacific0,87  
Tomb Raider (2013)12,49 Good fun overall. Small irritations here and there, but nothing that would ruin the experience.