Personal info and CV


I currently work for Verisure (formerly Securitas Direct) in the sales department and also on game projects through a company of my own.

Work history

Sales Coach at Verisure (former Securitas Direct)

2012 - present
Sales and installation of home security systems. Co-Driver of a sales team since 1.7.2012. Team Leader since 1.4.2013. Sales Coach since 1.9.2014.

Sales Coach - 09/2014
Team Leader (Diploma) - 04/2013
Co-Driver (Diploma) - 07/2012
Sales Expert (Diploma) - 07/2012
Sales Advisor (Diploma) - 05/2012
Installer (Diploma) - 05/2012
Sales Trainee (Diploma) - 03/2012
Sales Training - 02/2012

Owner at Trix Games

2009 - present
Co-owner of Trix Games, doing all sorts of things such as company management, game design, qa management and public relations.

Dance gaming consult and promotor at In The Groove Finland / Positive Gaming Finland / Ubergames

2006 - 2009
Consulting the company with my machine dance gaming expertise. Promoting dance games on fairs and other events.

Trainee game demo developer at Nokia Research Center Toijala

2004 - 2006
Creation of new innovative game ideas for mobile platforms. Creation of software demos based on the ideas and customer wishes. Projects were done both in teams and alone.


Aalto University (former Helsinki University of Technology)

2006 - present
I study in the field of Computer Sciences and Engineering since my future plans are within this field. I have selected Industrial Engineering and Management as my minor because I am interested in company and project management.

Päivölän kansanopisto

2004 - 2006
Matriculation. Päivölä is a boarding school targeted for mathematically gifted students. Studies consists of the usual high school subjects with lots of extra mathematics and programming. Students also work as part time employees at Nokia Research Center Toijala in varying jobs, ranging from programming to graphic artists to project management.

Deutsche Schule Helsinki

1997 - 2004
Grades 3 to 9. During this period I learned to understand and read german very well and also speak and write it. The latter skills have rusted with no practice, but I still understand and read the language.

Important positions

Board member of the Finnish eSports Federation

2010 - 2011
I was a board member of the federation for the first year after it was formed in late 2010.

President of the Finnish Dance Gamer Association

2007 - 2011, 2014
I have been in the board of the association since it was formed in 2006 and took over as president in 2007. I have been one of the most hard working member of the association during my presidency. FDGA accomplished a lot by spreading the hobby further, making it an accepted official sports in Finland, arranging lots of events and competitions each year and so forth.

President of the Otaniemi Rhythm Gamer Association

2007 - present
I was forming this local student association for student rhythm gamers and have been it's president since then. The association does not have a lot of activity since FDGA takes most of our attention and covers most of the things which ORGA was formed to do.

Language skills

SwedishVery limited

Professional skills

I have years of experience in leadership and social skills. These skills are helpful in management tasks such as managing teams and projects, giving presentations and press releases, and making contact and forming contracts with companies and people. I have worked as a game designer and developer and have been studying the gaming industry as a whole, which gives me understanding on how the industry works.

Honors and Awards

Honorary Membership of the Finnish Dance Gamer Association

Given by the annual meeting of the association with an unanimous vote based on years of hard work.

Successful Participant in Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling

Successfull Participant is a good accomplishment in the contest considering that we did not speak english as native language and we were high school students competing with top universities around the world.

Dance gaming tournaments

I have a tournament history totaling over 40 dance gaming tournaments. Since my emergence in the dance gaming tournament scene in 2005 I have been competing within the top 10 players in Finland. Below is a list of the most notable tournaments.

2nd placeAssembly Summer 2014
2nd placeAssembly Winter 2011
2nd placeFinnish eSport Challenge 2010
4th placeAssembly Summer 2010
11th placeDiplomaEuropean Championships 2010
1st placeDiplomaAssembly Winter 2010
3rd placeFinnish Championships 2009
2nd placeDiplomaAssembly Summer 2009
10th placeDiplomaEuropean Championships 2009
4th placeFinlands national qualifiers for the European Championships 2009
1st placeDiplomaAssembly Winter 2009
3rd placeFinnish Championships 2008
1st placeFinnish Machine Dance cup finals 2008 (Game: Pump It Up)
3rd placeDiplomaAssembly Summer 2008
13th placeDiplomaEuropean Championships 2008
4th placeFinlands national qualifiers for the European Championships 2008
2nd placeDiplomaAssembly 2007
4th placeAssembly 2005


I've been an enthusiastic gamer from a very young age. I have played board, card, role playing, mobile, console and PC games for as long as I can remember. I enjoy trying out new games with new ideas and always try to delve deep into the game and it's rules to see what makes certain games good, bad, fun or uninteresting. I rarely play any game for a very long period of time because there are always new games and game systems to try out, but there are some games from different gaming platforms that I have sticked to for long periods, even years, while at the same time still enjoying new games. All of the games that have caught my attention for a long time period have had a large social aspect in them, usually through a community organized by players themselves.

Within the past few years I have focused even more on games with deeper social interaction and I am very fascinated about the possibilities available to modern gamers and game designers. I see community interaction as one of the most important things that game designers must make available in their games as this makes playing more fun for the players and ties them to the game and the company.

I have been a part of multiple large gaming communities through my life and also formed many myself. These are some of the notable ones.

Founder and leader of Sky Pirates {arr}

In 2010 I picked up a small indie game called Altitude. The game community focuses highly on competitive gaming between clans. Me and my brother founded Sky Pirates in 2011. With focused recruiting we gathered a tight group of great and promising players concentrating on the ball game mode. We proceeded into taking the championship titles in every league and tournament in the ball game mode during the next few months over all of the previous and new top clans.

Sysop of GuildWiki

2006 - 2007
I was an active contributor in the huge Guild Wars community GuildWiki since 2005 and was elected as a sysop (moderator) in 2006. Sysop duties include amongst other things editorial tasks and community management.

Founder and leader of Running Rangers [RR]

2005 - 2007
I have played multiple Massively Multiplayer Online games and clans/guilds are a prominent part in these games. Running Rangers was a service-offering guild in the game Guild Wars. The guild had tight recruiting, service price regulation and other real life company like policies that easily relate to real life business management.

Founder and leader of Finland Fanatics

2003 - 2004
I have been forming multiple player groups since I was very young. Finland Fanatics was a larger group gathering and playing miniature games in the Helsinki area. I organized a couple of Warhammer Fantasy Battles miniature tournaments through FF.